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General Dentistry News

Fever Blisters and Kissing

Fever Blisters

Fever Blisters are Contagious at Certain Times Fever Blisters are from the Herpes Family Fever blisters, often called cold sores, are usually areas of painful ulcers of tiny fluid-filled blisters, usually occurring in the middle 1/3 of the face around the lips and nose.  They are caused by the

Thumb sucking

Thumb Sucking

Thumb Sucking Thumb sucking is part of the sucking reflex that a child uses for nourishment. Thumb sucking is natural and normal and is often seen in ultrasounds of the baby prior to birth, within the safety of the womb. The thumb, or another finger, is placed in the mouth and the infant sucks on

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Preventative Dentistry News

Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Surgery May Include Gum and/or Bone Surgery Sometimes periodontal surgery can be cosmetic, but it is more often used to prevent future or advanced tissue and bony problems which surround the teeth and gums. One of the primary procedures is gum grafting. This grafting technique is

Toothpaste, Dentifrice

Proper Use of Toothpaste Prevents Decay Proper Toothbrushing Technique is Required Toothpaste (called dentifrice by professionals) is nothing more than an additive to the toothbrush to aid in properly cleansing the teeth by eliminating bacterial plaque, stimulating the gums, reducing decay and

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In Other Dentistry News

Unlicensed dentists

Unlicensed Dentists

Unlicensed Dentists Never be Treated by an Unlicensed Dentist Treatment by an unlicensed dentist is a very serious matter.  It usually occurs when a marginally legal immigrant who has significant dental problems begins looking for treatment at a bargain.  The usual spiel is that the unlicensed

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