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General Dentistry News

What is Dental Amalgam (Silver Filling)?

What is Dental Amalgam (Silver Filling)? Is Mercury in Dental Amalgam Safe? Why Don't Dentists Use Alternatives to Amalgam? (The following Article about Amalgam is a Direct Quote from "Infobites" which is published by the Academy of General Dentistry. Today's Dentist approves of this

Root Canals

Root Canals

Unfortunately, the term "root canal" has received an unsavory reputation which is truly not justified.  In most cases, but not all, a patient is experiencing some significant pain and its elimination requires root canal therapy.  Later, the patient remembers how uncomfortable they were and repeats

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Preventative Dentistry News

Lemons and Teeth

Lemons and Teeth Lemons are Acidic and Damage Teeth Eating of lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits in high quantities may cause damage to the enamel of your teeth.  They are not only acidic in nature, but also contain sugar which can be eaten by the bacteria in your mouth and that actually

Lemons and Teeth

Toothbrush Abrasion

Toothbrush Abrasion May Be Painful Toothbrush Abrasion Caused by Aggressive Brushing Toothbrush abrasion is a double-edged sword! It is a very common problem found in the mouths of patients who are, quite frankly, too aggressive in brushing their teeth in addition to utilizing an improper brush

Tooth Brush Abrasion

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In Other Dentistry News

Unlicensed dentists

Unlicensed Dentists

Unlicensed Dentists Never be Treated by an Unlicensed Dentist Treatment by an unlicensed dentist is a very serious matter.  It usually occurs when a marginally legal immigrant who has significant dental problems begins looking for treatment at a bargain.  The usual spiel is that the unlicensed

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