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General Dentistry News

mouth pain

TMJ Syndrome

Discomfort Associated With TMJ Syndrome Treatment for TMJ  TMJ Syndrome, also known as TMD (temporomandibular disorder), is a shot-gun, catch-all phrase describing a large group of symptoms emanating from the temporomandibular joint area.  This is the joint in front of the ear where the ball on

Perleche, Angular Cheilitis

Perleche, also known as Angular Cheilitis What is Perleche, also known as Angular Cheilitis? It is actually inflammation (itis) of the lips, but in the corners of the lips or corners of the mouth. It is simply sores in the corner of the mouth. Perleche, also known as angular cheilitis or

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Preventative Dentistry News

Bottle Mouth

Bottle Mouth Bottle mouth is rampant decay, often caused when a baby goes to sleep with a sugary substance in its bottle. Bottle mouth is known by many different names such as, baby bottle tooth decay, nursing bottle caries, milk bottle syndrome, baby bottle caries, bottle rot, rampant caries.

Toothpaste, Dentifrice

Proper Use of Toothpaste Prevents Decay Proper Toothbrushing Technique is Required Toothpaste (called dentifrice by professionals) is nothing more than an additive to the toothbrush to aid in properly cleansing the teeth by eliminating bacterial plaque, stimulating the gums, reducing decay and

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In Other Dentistry News

Unlicensed dentists

Unlicensed Dentists

Unlicensed Dentists Never be Treated by an Unlicensed Dentist Treatment by an unlicensed dentist is a very serious matter.  It usually occurs when a marginally legal immigrant who has significant dental problems begins looking for treatment at a bargain.  The usual spiel is that the unlicensed

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