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Trismus - a limited range of motion of the mouth. Sometimes called lockjaw due to association with tetanus in the early days may be caused by a variety of other reasons. Limited movement of the mouth, any restriction in the opening of the mouth, or limited range of motion falls under the name of

Wisdom Teeth

Do You Have Room for your Wisdom Teeth? What are Impacted Wisdom Teeth? Wisdom teeth, often called third molars, usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 22...if they are going to erupt. They are called "wisdom" teeth because they come in when a person is older and supposedly "wiser."

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Preventative Dentistry News

Cold Sensitive Tooth

  Do You Experience a Cold Sensitive Tooth? Causes of a Cold Sensitive Tooth A cracked tooth easily can result in a cold sensitive tooth.  (Please type in “Cracked Tooth” in the search box.) A deep filling or even a recent filling or crown can create a temporary sensitivity to cold.  If


What is a Gumboil? How Do You Treat a Gumboil? A gumboil, which is a generic term, also known as a parulus or fistula, is a collection of pus, either within the bone and exiting through the gum tissue, or totally encased by gum tissue alone. There are several types of gumboils, some of which have

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Unlicensed dentists

Unlicensed Dentists

Unlicensed Dentists Never be Treated by an Unlicensed Dentist Treatment by an unlicensed dentist is a very serious matter.  It usually occurs when a marginally legal immigrant who has significant dental problems begins looking for treatment at a bargain.  The usual spiel is that the unlicensed

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