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General Dentistry News

Oh My Gosh! I Have a Cavity!

What is a Cavity Anyway, and What Causes a Cavity? Of course we are thinking strictly of a dental cavity which actually may be found in the oral cavity. Patients most often refer to this problem as “having a cavity,” while the professional may refer to it as caries. Caries...

Causes of Jaw Pain

There are Multiple Causes of Jaw Pain

What are Some of the Causes of Jaw Pain? There are many causes of jaw pain. Jaw pain may be the result of decay in close proximity of the nerve or the pulp within the tooth, or it may be the result of an abscessed tooth, bone cancer (malignant), temporomandibular...

Preventative Dentistry News

Dentist with a fluoride flash card

Fluoride Varnish is A New and Better Modality

Fluoride Varnish Benefits of Fluoride Varnish Application of fluoride varnish onto a tooth keeps fluoride in actual contact with the surface of the tooth for a longer period of time and therefore enhances its beneficial effects. Fluoride varnish actually tastes better and can easily be applied by the assistant rather...

Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Surgery May Include Gum and/or Bone Surgery Sometimes periodontal surgery can be cosmetic, but it is more often used to prevent future or advanced tissue and bony problems which surround the teeth and gums. One of the primary procedures is gum grafting. This grafting technique is utilized to cover...

Other Dentistry News

tip of dental laser

Dental Laser

Dental LASER The Dental Laser is now used effectively in modern dentistry LASER is an acronym for Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  The stimulation of the emission is created by bouncing the light beam back and forth thousands of times on the internal mirrors of the laser. That is just a fancy way...

Hydraulic Sinus Condensing for Implants

Hydraulic Sinus Condensing for Implants

The traditional sinus augmentation technique for dental implants, also known as the lateral window technique, is just one of the approaches to bone augmentation or grafting for implants. Another technique is called hydraulic sinus condensing. Dr. Leon Chen, in 1996, developed a new and interesting approach to sinus augmentation for...