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General Dentistry News


Mucocele – A Clear Bubble Inside Your Lower Lip

What Causes a Mucocele? A mucocele is usually caused by some kind of trauma, like biting your lip. It more than likely occurs inside your lower lip. Mucocele is the result of swelling or scar tissue blocking the duct of a minor or auxiliary salivary gland. Humans have, in addition...

Mouthwashes, Do You Want a Healthier Mouth?

Mouthwashes Have a Multi-purpose! Educate Yourself on Mouthwashes There are many types of mouthwashes. most of which are multi-purpose mouthwashes. Mouthwashes are often named for their efficacy for doing certain functions related to the oral cavity. For example, there are antiseptic mouthwashes, antibacterial mouthwashes, and dry mouth (xerostomia) mouthwashes, along...

Preventative Dentistry News

Dentist checking the teeth of the boy

Dental Deep Cleaning: When To And What To Expect

If you're like most people, you probably don't enjoy going to the dentist. Especially not for anything that sounds invasive, like a dental deep cleaning. After all, it involves poking and prodding with those scary-looking tools inside your mouth. You may avoid even having to go to a dentist: but...

Bacterial Plaque

Bacterial Plaque, Would You Believe, The Main Cause of Dental Problems!

Bacterial Plaque Bacterial Plaque can cause damage to your teeth, gums, and ultimately bone The oral cavity is host to millions of bacteria from over 500 strains that organize themselves into a sticky film or plaque which attaches daily to the surfaces of the teeth, often below the gumline.  If...

Other Dentistry News

close-up photo of a smiling woman with braces who knows how to floss with braces

How To Floss With Braces To Get Every Nook And Cranny

Having braces is a right of passage for many. It can take some adjusting to, but you want to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, learning how to floss with braces can make those few years a little easier to bear.It may seem impossible. There’s wires and brackets...

Smiling woman wearing a braces

How Do Braces Work? Discovering How Teeth Move

Getting braces is a major step toward achieving the smile of your dreams. But for anyone getting braces for the first time, including myself back in the day, the way braces actually move your teeth can be a complete mystery. So, let's find out, "How do braces work?" Quick Navigation...