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General Dentistry News

girl with white teeth getting dental work done

Unlicensed Dentists

Are There Really Unlicensed Dentists? Never be Treated by an Unlicensed Dentist Treatment by an unlicensed dentist is a very serious matter.  It usually occurs when a marginally legal immigrant who has significant dental problems begins looking for treatment at a bargain.  The usual spiel is that the unlicensed dentist...

apicoectomy procedure


Apicoectomy is Root Tip Surgery An apicoectomy is Rarely Necessary A single rooted tooth usually has one main canal which provides the pathway for the nerve, artery, and vein of the tooth.  Sometimes that tooth may contain more than one canal.  Most molars have three and sometimes even four canals....

Preventative Dentistry News

bleeding gums

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums May Be Precursor to Other Problems Bleeding Gums Usually Can Be Cured Quickly If you wash your hands in the sink and they bleed….something is wrong!  If your gums bleed….something is wrong! And in most cases, this can easily be corrected.  Bleeding gums are not always a precursor...

Dental Check up

Dental Check-Up

Do I Need a Dental Check-Up? Dentist and Hygienist Both Give Patient a Dental Check-Up Usually the dental hygienist sees the patient first, takes any necessary x-rays, records anything the patient feels is important and any decay or gum disease.  She then cleans and polishes your teeth by removing any...

Other Dentistry News



When are dental crowns needed? There are three types of dental crowns There are three primary types of adult dental crowns.  In this case, we are talking about full crowns as opposed to 3/4 crowns, or veneers and laminates.  The three primary types of crowns are (1) metal (gold or non-precious metal), (2) porcelain fused...

Missing teeth and Immediate dentures

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures, Never without Teeth Improved Esthetics, Health, and Comfort with Immediate Dentures On occasion, patients allow their teeth, gums, and bone to get out of control healthwise, and reach a point when full mouth restoration via crowns, bridges, root canals, and implants, are beyond the patient’s ability to afford.  The...